It ́s been a while since I wrote the last time. A lot has happened since then. My training has been going well until I broke my foot at a party and that ruined all my marathon dreams (at least for this year). I broke my ankle in three different places and let me tell you, that hurt. After the injury, I started to make new plans and set new goals. Right now i’m not able to do much because my ankle is not strong enough so I can’t run or jump or even walk down the stairs properly.  I know the recovery is a slow process but im so ready to get back to training.


I also started to work as a “nurse” at an elderlycare home. I’m working here until the middle of August. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Its challenging and even if it’s sometimes really stressful, it keeps my blood sugar levels in check.  My working hours are usually 8 hours but I sometimes work 14h shifts so that i can take some time off.


I went on a mini holiday to Kalamata, Greece. I ́ve spent most of my summers there as a child so it feels like a second home for me. It was super relaxing and nice. But as the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun”. Now i’m back in Finland at work.


My new plan is to participate in an IRONMAN 70.3 in Otepää, Estonia (you can click on the link to see all the ironman races around the world and find one near you). An ironman70.3 consists of 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and a half marathon. also i will hopefully work on my fitness after that so I can run a full marathon in August 2020. So the training has begun but only time will tell how it goes. Right now im mostly training on a bike and sometimes swimming in a pool because of my ankle.



Hey guys!

As some of you know its DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH aka November. Even if we raise awareness everyday for diabetes, this is the month when we put extra effort in to it. November has been so far really eventful for me. I started the month being ill and still suffer from it. A little later i had my first ever pump failure, so after 2 years i had to switch back to the insulin pens. With my luck i left all of them at my parents place so i had to go to the pharmacy and buy a new one as well as my long acting insulin. Before i actually could leave to go get them i had to do a stop at the hospital to get a new prescription and just to check how many units i had to take of it.


I had to wait a full week for my pump to arrive, because the local post office lost the package and had to find it. The whole week i was fighting high blood sugar levels (14.5- 27.7 mmol/ml/ 260-500 mg/dl). Now that i got my pump it has been easier to manage everything, my basal rate is on 120% because I’m still a little sick but my blood sugars are all OK again.


My days consist mostly of me chilling at home watching different movies and documentaries and occasionally going for a walk with my dog. I also reviewed my marathon training plan and lets just say I’m already dying even if i haven’t started yet.  Today I’m celebrating world diabetes day by going to cheer practice, and tomorrow I’ll celebrate my birthday the same way. We are going to a competition called Super Cheer where we compete on Sunday. The competition is really close to my parents house so I’ll go a few days earlier so i can chill with them and on Friday i have my endo appointment.



most people know something about diabetes, weather its about type 1 or 2. usually they know the basics about the disease like we take insulin and we need to take blood from our fingers sometimes. what they don’t know is the amount of hours of the day we sacrifice just to keep ourselves alive and to avoid future health problems like heart attacks, obesity, eyesight problems and the list goes on and on.  if you or someone you know  has diabetes you can create a footprint like these two here, you can find the link on the pictures.




NHL Global Series, Helsinki

Hi guys!

Yesterday was an amazing day! The NHL global series came to Finland and i got the amazing opportunity to go watch the players practice. My CGM stopped working the night before so i made the decision to just sleep one night without it and put it on the next morning. My plan backfired on me though. I woke up in the morning with a low of 3.4 mmol/L (62 mg/dL) so i started to correct it and after that i put my new sensor on.  Once i was feeling like myself again i was bouncing with excitement, I got to see real NHL players.



First I wanted to go to the games that are today and tomorrow but the tickets were pricey. I might as well fly to the US or Canada to see my ultimate teams battling on the ice and get the real experience with true fans. There is nothing wrong with the Florida Panthers or the Winnipeg Jets, they aren’t just my all time favorites.  Each team has people I have looked up to when I was younger, like Alexander Barkov who I remember watching on TV multiple times when he played for Finland.


In the end i really enjoyed myself. Seeing the effort each player put into one practice and the jokes they throw each other during the small breaks, all the cellies with each goal as well as fake fights. Sitting so close to the ice and witnessing everything was fun and I got really good photos of the players. Here you can see some of them. I’ve posted the rest on my Instagram account either as a post or a story, you can check them out there if you want.

In the pictures you can see: Brendan Lemieux play fighting with Ben Chiarot, taking some shots towards the goal and chatting with his teammates. the picture top right is Florida panthers Vincent Trocheck and the bottom picture is Winnipeg Jets Ben Chiarot.

When I was on my way home from the practice, I saw the Stanley Cup for the second time. The first time I saw it was in Toronto, hockey hall of fame in January. And you gotta grab the opportunity again to take a picture with it.


With all of the excitement of the day I still managed to keep my blood sugars quite steady. I was the whole day in the range of 4-10 mmol/L (72-180 mg/dL) except when I arrived home and started eating before I gave the insulin some time to work. (PS. the Starbucks cup contains tea for my sore throat)





My name is Ia (pronounced like Mia without a M) and I live in Finland. I’m 19 years old but I’m turning 20 in November. I got diagnosed with diabetes on November 26th 2004 so I´ve been diabetic for almost 14 years now. I will post a diagnosis story as well as what kind of tools and meters I use to keep my diabetes in check later.

My goal with this blog is to inspire other diabetics to do what they want and that nothing can stop them. I also started writing because I think this will help me with taking care of my diabetes as well as reaching my goals. I recently started running and wanted to push myself further so my newest goal is to run not one but two half marathons (13.1Mi / 21.1Km) next spring and a full marathon (26.2Mi / 42.2Km) next fall. Besides running I am a cheerleader and I guess now a ex competitive sailor. I started cheer in January so I’m still kinda new to that. On the other hand I’ve been sailing for almost 13 years and recently quit. My best achievements has probably been 1st female in the Nordic championships and third in the world championships.

I also love to travel when I have time and money for that. My parents encourage me and my sister to travel as much as possible so that we can see the world and experience as much as possible. They usually say “you can learn some things from a book but not everything, you have to experienced it yourself to learn”. You get the chance to follow along my travels as well as my daily life with T1D.

And lastly I just have to say, English is not my first spoken language or even second so there might be some grammatical errors. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to say, please comment on the post so i can clarify/edit the text. Also if you are interested in following along my journey and life please click the follow button so you get notifications when a new post is up on the blog to your email.




And just so you guys know what i look like; here is a picture of me at Disneyland Paris from this summer 🙂